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The invisible Man by Netent

Netent’s The Invisible Man takes us back to the famous TV series of the 1950s. But The Invisible Man is first and foremost a book by H G Wells which tells the story of a passionate scientist who thinks he can create an invisibility potion. From failure to failure, he is close to giving up when he desperately tries one last time on himself. And then it works. One of mankind’s most fantasised powers turns into an ordeal. In the work of H G Wells, Grifth goes completely mad. It’s a far cry from the TV adaptation where the Invisible Man is wrapped in tape so that we can see him. One imagines that to make a series, it’s easier to film the hero, isn’t it?

Netent’s The Invisible Man: visibly successful

It all starts with a beautiful intro worthy of a video game launch. In black and white, Netent invites us to the origin, the first series. With Universal as a partner, the franchise, since everything is a franchise, is protected, and Netent can’t go overboard and reinvent the concept. So the idea of all these slot machines is to know if you are in the series, the movie or the book. I might as well tell you that I’ve never read, that the series evokes anything, so I couldn’t tell you if it really sticks to the spirit of its creators. On the other hand, I can tell you that this slot from Netent is a little jewel for the eyes. You find the lettering of the movie posters of the 30s and 40s with a more or less grainy image. This is the first step you take into this slot which is, let’s say, very pretty. There is an original atmosphere with a very cinematographic music that immerses you in the history of this slot. For me, as a stranger to this story, it is a great pleasure to discover this world. It has a little family resemblance with a slot machine from Betsoft about a famous doctor. On one side you are the invisible man and on the other side the policeman. You play between the two and depending on the combinations, you trigger the bonuses of each. The important icons are the characters. The wild is a wild. The slot is fluid and the animations are superb. We have in front of us a 3D slot machine with the latest generation of reels and it shows.

The game mechanics of The Invisible Man slot :

  • The technical features of Netent’s The Invisible Man
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 20
  • Minimum bet: 0.20 euro cents
  • Maximum Bet: €100
  • Slot features: Bonus Games, Jokers, Multiplier, Scatter Symbol, Free Spins
  • Payout Rate: 97.5

As usual with Netent, it’s all over the place; features come from all over the place, giving you a pretty incredible pace to your online slot session! The volatility is low, the return rate is high, you’ll feel like you’re winning regularly with avalanches of free spins and re-spins. It’s safe to say that this slot is generous and we like that. The bets are suitable for both large and small bankrolls from 20 cents to 100 euros. The features are numerous with the must-haves and the classics that everyone can expect from a latest generation slot machine.

The wild is double with a police wild and an Invisible Man wild. Each of these launches into the world of bonuses and features of each other with obviously different cinematics depending on the role you play in this slot. So reels one and five are the ones to watch. For the policeman, he arrives on reel one and moves from column to column with each spin you throw. The second wild, the Invisible Man if you are following this strange case, appears on reel five. It moves backwards or to the left. As the two Wilde’s move, they will eventually touch and then the Netent slot will go wild with no less than 10 free spins being launched with the possibility of chaining re spins. When this happens, sit back and count the chips that will be added to your online casino account bankroll.

A cool mini game will lead you into an unlikely situation. You will have to guess where the Invisible Man is. You have one chance and three choices. If you find him, you hit the jackpot. A one in three chance for a jackpot is an opportunity not to be missed.

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